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Unlock Oahu's Best Sights with Savings and Flexibility Using the Go Oahu Card

When planning a trip to Oahu, balancing fun activities with your budget is key, and that’s where the Go Oahu Card comes in handy. It’s become a go-to option for many, including myself, because it really helps in visiting various attractions, from beautiful beaches to historical landmarks, without overspending.

Ready to unlock the best of what Oahu has to offer with the Go Oahu Card? I’m here to guide you through maximizing both fun and savings on your trip.

So stick with me as I lay out all the details, including those times when another option might suit you better. Let’s dive right into it!


The Go Oahu Pass in a nutshell

From my experience, it’s an unbeatable choice for first-time visitors or families looking to dive into a Hawaiian adventure. The savings and convenience it offers truly make it a standout option.

  • includes over 40 attractionsGo Oahu Card Go City
  • day-based: can be booked for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 days
  • with lots of information in the app
  • perfect for anyone who wants to see a lot of Oahu

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What is the Go Oahu Card?

Go Oahu Card Go City AppThe Go Oahu Card, offered by Go City, is a comprehensive sightseeing card that makes exploring Oahu’s stunning attractions both easy and flexible. It allows you to visit as many attractions as you like, offering more than 40 activities that cater to various interests. This is one of those passes that I always recommend to families and first-time visitors.

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7-day options, the Go Oahu Card provides the perfect opportunity to explore the island according to your schedule. Whether you have a packed itinerary or prefer a more relaxed visit, this pass accommodates all kinds of travelers.

One of the highlights of the Go Oahu Card is that it offers a premium experience for visitors who buy the 3, 4, 5, or 7-day passes. These premium experiences range from private surf lessons to swimming with dolphins.

How Does the Go Oahu Card Work?

One thing I really like is how easy the Go Oahu card is to use. It only takes a few simple steps, which include:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Pass: Start by selecting the Go Oahu Card that fits your travel plans, available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7-day options.
  • Step 2: Access Your Pass: Get your pass on your smartphone using the Go City app or opt for a printed version from your confirmation email.
  • Step 3: Present and Enter: Simply show your pass at each attraction’s entrance. Some places might require you to make a reservation or go through a separate ticketing process.
  • Step 4: Activate and Explore: The pass activates upon your first use and remains valid for the duration you’ve chosen, up to midnight of your last day. It’s important to remember that even a late start on the first day counts as a full day of use.

What is the cost of the Go Oahu Card?

The Go Oahu Card price will vary based on how many days you plan to use it.

Here are the current Go Oahu Card Adult Prices:

Oahu Pass for

Price adults

Price per day

Price child (3-12 years)

1 day


2 days


3 days


4 days


5 days


7 days



Children between 3 and 12 years pay a reduced price. Check the current prices on the Go City website before you book, as these may vary from time to time.

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What attractions are included in the Go Oahu Card?

The Go Oahu Card offers access to many types of attractions, ensuring that everyone finds something they want to do.

From the thrilling Polynesian Cultural Center and serene Kualoa Ranch to the adventurous Wet’n’Wild Hawaii, the Go Card covers the best of Oahu.

One of the highlights of the Go Oahu Card is that it offers a premium experience for visitors who buy the 3, 4, 5, or 7-day passes.

These are the premium attractions, one of which you can choose:

  • Moana Splash Luau
  • Day trip: North Shore & Dole Plantation Pineapple Farm Tour
  • Sea Life Park: Dolphin Aloha + Hawaiian Reef Encounter + Admission
  • Makani Catamaran Sunset Sail with Drinks
  • Private Group Surf Lesson (2+)

Here are a few popular attractions you can choose from with the Go Oahu Card:

  • Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor
  • Makani Catamaran Sail
  • Waikiki Cruise with Snorkeling (2 hours)
  • Makapuu Lighthouse & Halona Blowhole Tour
  • Secret Island Beach Activities at Kualoa Ranch
  • Queen Emma Summer Palace
  • Honolulu Museum of Art
  • Rainforest, Waterfalls, and Movie Sites: Shuttle & Self-Guided Hike
  • USS Bowfin Submarine at Pearl Harbor
  • Fire Dance Workshop
  • Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor
  • Makani Catamaran Sail
  • Iolani Palace
  • Waimea Valley
  • Sea Life Park Hawaii

ATTENTION: The attractions included with the Go Oahu Card can change from time to time. So, it’s always a good idea to check the most current list on the official website before planning your trip to ensure you have the latest information.

For the most up-to-date list of attractions and details, click here.

How long is the Pass valid?

Your Go Oahu Card is valid for the number of days you choose within a 14-day window. So, say you start a three-day pass on day one of your trip; you then have 13 more days to use the other two days. It’s perfect for spreading out your adventures and offers the ultimate flexibility.

If you haven’t activated your pass yet, no worries – it stays valid for two years from the purchase date. This gives you plenty of time to plan your dream Oahu getaway.

Is the Pass worth it?

Curious about the value of the Go Oahu Card for your trip? I’ve outlined what your travel plans could look like with a 3-day pass by comparing the individual entry prices of some of Oahu’s top attractions included in the card with its overall cost:


Price without pass



Sea Life Park: Dolphin Aloha + Hawaiian Reef Encounter
Polynesian Cultural Center



Secret Island Beach Activities at at Kualoa Ranch
Makani Catamaran Sail



Waikiki Cruise with Snorkeling
Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

Costs Admission Tickets:


Oahu Pass for 3 Days:



$395, that's a 64% saving

As you can see, you can make good savings with the pass. And theoretically, you can visit even more attractions in the same time, so you’ll save even more! The more expensive the attractions are, the more you save.

Still not sure?

Pass Savings Calculator IconMy tip: You can make this comparison too! Simply list out the Oahu attractions you’re eager to visit and tally up their individual ticket prices. Then, weigh this total against the cost of the Go Oahu Card. It’s a practical way to determine if the card matches your budget and sightseeing wishlist.

Even better: use our free savings calculator to work out exactly which Oahu Pass will save you the most!


When is the Pass not worth it?

In general, the Go Oahu Card is a fantastic choice for those planning to experience a variety of activities on the island. However, if your itinerary only includes a few less expensive attractions, the card might not offer the best value.

In these cases, the overall cost of the card may not balance out the savings. Therefore, it’s important to consider your specific plans and preferences to decide whether the Go Oahu Card fits your trip.

Where can I get the Oahu City Pass by Go City?

Ready to secure your Go Oahu Card? The best place to start is the official Go City website. And while there, remember to apply our ‘GO5LOVING’ promo code at checkout to snag that exclusive 5% discount.

What I Like

The Go Oahu Card stands out for its unique advantages, and here are my top reasons for recommending it:

  • Diverse Attractions: The card provides access to a wide array of attractions, from historical sites to natural wonders, catering to all interests.
  • Flexible Options: With 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7-day pass options, it offers flexibility to fit any itinerary.
    Cost Savings: The card can lead to significant savings, especially for those planning to visit multiple attractions.
  • Ease of Use: It’s user-friendly and easy to access digitally, streamlining your Oahu exploration.
    Customizable Experience: The pass allows you to tailor your sightseeing to your preferences, making your trip uniquely yours.

What I Do Not Like

While the Go Oahu Card is beneficial in many ways, there are a few aspects to consider before purchasing:

  • Limited Benefit for Selective Visitors: If you’re interested in just a few specific attractions, the pass may not provide the best value compared to individual tickets.
  • Not Ideal for Brief Visits: The card’s value diminishes if you’re only in Oahu for a short time and can’t make the most of its offerings.
  • Requires Strategic Planning: To maximize the benefits of the Go Oahu Card, you need to plan your visits well, which might not suit those who prefer a more spontaneous travel style.
Is it worth it?

Calculate your savings for free!

Pass Savings Calculator IconUse our savings calculator to work out exactly which Oahu Pass will save you the most!


Alternatives to the Go Oahu Card

Choosing the right sightseeing pass for Oahu requires matching it to your travel preferences and itinerary. The Go Oahu Card is perfect for those looking to explore the island’s diverse attractions over several days at their own pace.

However, if the Go Oahu Card doesn’t quite fit your plans, consider other alternatives, like purchasing individual attraction tickets. This option can be more cost-effective, especially if your list of must-see places is short or specific.

While Go City primarily offers the Go Oahu Card, there might be other local passes or ticket bundles available through different providers. These can sometimes offer unique combinations or special deals on certain attractions.

Quick Tip: If your Oahu agenda includes a range of top attractions and activities, a comprehensive pass like the Go Oahu Card can offer substantial savings compared to buying individual tickets. It’s worth taking a moment to assess your plans and determine the most economical and convenient option for your island adventure.

FAQ: Go Oahu Card

What attractions are included in the Go Oahu card?

The Go Oahu Card offers access to a range of attractions across the island. Highlights include historic sites like Pearl Harbor, natural wonders at Kualoa Ranch, cultural experiences at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and family-friendly destinations such as Wet’n’Wild Hawaii. With this card, you can delve into Hawaii’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture.

Here you find the complete list of attractions includes in the Go Oahu Card.

How does Oahu pass work?

The Oahu Pass, commonly known as the Go Oahu Card, is simple to use. First, choose a pass for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 days. Download it to your phone or print it out. Then, present it at each attraction for entry. It activates on the first use and is valid for consecutive days, offering flexibility in your travel schedule.

What is a Go Card in Hawaii?

A Go Card in Hawaii, specifically the Go Oahu Card, is a multi-attraction pass that allows tourists to visit various attractions in Oahu at a discounted rate. It provides a convenient and cost-effective way to explore the island’s top sites and activities, suitable for both first-time visitors and repeat travelers.

Are there discounts or special offers on the pass?

Yes, there are often special offers where you can get additional discounts on the pass. Use the code GO5LOVING to get a 5% discount on the official website.

Is Go City Pass Hawaii worth it?

The Go City Pass for Hawaii, particularly the Go Oahu Card, is often worth it for those planning to visit multiple attractions. It can lead to significant savings compared to buying individual tickets and offers the convenience of having access to a variety of experiences all under one pass.

Can I visit the same attraction more than once with the Go Oahu Card?

Yes, with the Go Oahu All-Inclusive Pass, you have the flexibility to visit each attraction once per day throughout the duration of your pass. This means if you want to revisit a museum or another attraction to see more of it, you can return the following day. Just remember, this is possible as long as the attraction doesn’t require advance booking.

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