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Have you heard about the Naples Pass and are wondering whether it’s right for your trip? In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the Naples Pass, including my honest assessment of whether it’s worth it or not.

I’ll give you a detailed overview of the features, costs and everything the Naples Pass has to offer. Let’s go!

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Is the Naples Pass worth it?

  • Includes over 5 well-known attractions
  • Valid for 3 days
  • Includes local public transport
  • Perfect for those who want to see the best of Naples

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What is the Naples Pass?

The Naples Pass is a digital ticket that gives you access to 5 of the best attractions in and around Naples.

It is valid for a total of 3 days from the first use. During this time, you can use all public transport for free to explore the city. This pass is particularly suitable for visitors who want to see a lot in just a few days.

The Naples Pass includes the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and the Royal Palace of Caserta.

My tip: As it is a day-based pass, it is advisable to activate it in the morning to make the most of the day. For example, if you have a 3-day pass, it is valid for the following three consecutive days from the moment of activation.

How does the Naples Pass work?

Purchasing and using the Naples Pass is straightforward:

  • You order the pass online and then download it to your mobile phone.
  • The Naples Pass is a purely digital product, which means you don’t have to pick anything up physically. As soon as it’s on your mobile phone, you can start sightseeing straight away.</li
  • At each attraction, you simply show your pass on your mobile phone. This serves as your admission ticket, making the process quick and easy.</li

The pass is activated as soon as you use it for the first time. From this point on, it is valid for 3 days.

What does the Naples Pass cost?

These are the current prices for the Naples Pass – please note that there is no pass for children. After purchase, you have 24 months to activate it.

Naples Pass for

Price adults

Price children (>6 years)

3 days
100 EUR
100 EUR

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Is the Naples City Pass worth it?

Whether the Naples Pass is worthwhile for you depends on your individual travel plans and interests. Here is an example of a typical weekend in Naples:


Price without Naples Pass

National Archaeological Museum of Naples
27 EUR
22 EUR
Royal Palace of Caserta
31 EUR
Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte
23 EUR
29 EUR

Cost of single tickets

132 EUR

Naples Pass

100 EUR

Savings per person (!)

32 EUR, which corresponds to 24%

When is the Naples Pass not worth it?

There are situations in which the Naples Pass may not be the best choice. For example, if you plan to visit only a few attractions or prefer a very slow travel style, the pass might be less beneficial.

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Which Naples City Pass is the best?

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There are several passes for Naples that might be of interest to you.

But how do you find the best pass for you quickly and easily? My free savings calculator can find out for you in just a few seconds!

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Where can I buy the Naples Pass?

You can buy the Naples Pass easily and conveniently here. There you will find all the information about the various pass options and can buy your pass directly.

What I like most

In this section I would like to highlight the advantages of the Naples Pass.

  • Access to the top attractions in Naples
  • Easy to use with the digital format
  • Includes public transport
  • No queuing at the ticket counters
  • Flexibility in travel planning

What I don’t like

Here I show you the disadvantages of the Naples Pass.

  • Some attractions require advance reservations
  • No version for children (my alternative: the Naples Turbopass)

Alternatives to the Naples Pass

There are other sightseeing passes for Naples that offer different benefits. Examples are the Naples Pass and the Campania Artecard. I have written a comprehensive article comparing all passes for Naples. For a detailed comparison click on the Naples Pass Comparison.

Kann ich den Neapel Pass online kaufen?

Ja, der Neapel Pass kann bequem online erworben und auf dein Handy heruntergeladen werden.

Muss ich den Pass vor meinem Besuch aktivieren?

Nein, der Pass wird automatisch aktiviert, sobald du ihn zum ersten Mal nutzt.

Sind die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel im Pass enthalten?

Ja, der Neapel Pass beinhaltet unbegrenzte Fahrten in den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln von Neapel für 3 Tage.

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